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Maine Yoga Jewelry

Go ahead. I dare you.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Life the life you have imagined." -Henry David Thoreau

This quote is one that sticks in my mind and pops up on a regular basis as a gentle and poignant reminder to follow my own path.

The photo is from Wanderlust Stratton this summer. Inspiring stickers marked the spacing for mats in each of the class spaces and this one struck a chord that resonated loudly withint me.

It can be scary to dream big. It is daring to embrace those dreams. All of us have big dreams inside, whether we are following them yet or not. But, some of us are so scared to persue our dreams that we don't even fully imagine them.

How can you live the life of your dreams if you haven't even pictured it yet?

Take 10 minutes, right now, and allow yourself to daydream. Then pick up a piece of paper, your journal, or a the back of a receipt, whatever you can get your hands on, and just write. Write whatever it was that you imagined your life could look like.

You aren't signing a contract or writing anything in stone (considering that you may have just written this out on a greasy old napkin). Just giving your dreams a moment to breathe and grow can provide some much needed clarity.

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