Maine Yoga Jewelry


Maine Yoga Jewelry offers simple, classic pieces designed and created in Portland, Maine.

One of the most common questions I get is "Maine Yoga Jewelry? What's that?"


Sometimes I just say:

"my three favorite things!"


But here is the slightly longer answer:


It is a way to share and connect more deeply to my own yoga practice. I find metal work very meditative and try to imbue each piece with the peace I feel while working on it. It is also a way to share my love of my home state of Maine and the quiet peaceful life I now live on its southern coast.

You'll find a mix of jewelry inspired by my yoga practice, my love of Maine, coastal life, and many pieces that simply capture my desire to create jewelry that is easy to wear every day but still feels special.  


I've practiced yoga around the world and bring inspiration from my practice into my jewelry. After returning from 6 months in India, I stumbled upon the opportunity to create some stamped jewelry at a yoga festival in Canada.


My first instinct was to imprint mantras and positive messaging into the metal and instantly fell in love with this new way to connect to my yoga practice. 


After a few months of creating stamped jewelry on pre-fabricated metal, I wanted to be able to create the entire piece by hand. At the time, I was working at a day program for differently abled adults and teaching yoga at several local yoga studios. Money was tight, but I had the incredible luck of receiving a scholarship to attend a metal smithing class at the Maine College of Art. That class changed everything.  I instantly fell in love with the freedom to create a piece exactly as I imagine it. 


Maine Yoga Jewelry began in the summer of 2014 and is always evolving. New pieces are always being added and custom work is available! 


Contact me for custom inquiries or shop online!